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Subject line 1: Secret Passcode to a money formula!
Subject line 2: Retirement worries? You're not alone!

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"If You Are Concerned About Having Enough Money
To Retire And Truly Enjoy Your Retirement Than
This Will Be The Most Important Email You Ever Read"

  I just had a long conversation with someone I had never
  met that was really an eye opener. Stay with me on this
  for a minute because it may just affect you also in a
  big way.
  He had some questions and I could just tell he needed
  more than just an email reply. Since he gave me his
  cell phone in the email I just decided to pick up the
  phone and give him a call.
  We talked for an hour…
  The poor guy is in his mid-fifties and is scared to
  death. He is nowhere near where he hoped to be
  financially speaking at this point in his life.
  And by nowhere near, I mean not even on the planet
  retire anytime soon.
  He was very worried about how he would EVER retire.
  If you feel the same, stop reading and watch this now,
  you'll be glad you did, because it contains the answers
  you seek:
  The first thing I did was to just try to assure him
  that he's not alone in this fear. Very few people are
  truly set to retire. That's why it is so common these
  days for people to retire and then immediately go get a
  job of some kind.
  Sure most would rather be traveling, golfing, and just
  enjoying life.
  But unfortunately most people don't have enough money
  to truly retire and go play.
  And that just sucks!
  We all dream of the day when we can say goodbye to the
  8 to 5 grind and start having fun again. Like when we
  were kids.
  Unfortunately, the days of solid pensions that were
  more than enough to live on are gone for most people.
  As are the days of putting your money somewhere safe
  and secure and drawing enough interest to live on.
  Unless of course you have millions in the bank!
  Ok, enough gloom and doom…
  I told him that he could relax. The next ten years was
  more than enough time to set up a retirement most
  people only dream of and that I knew someone who could
  show him exactly how to do that.
  See he did go from flat broke to a net worth of $14
  million dollars and retire in just ten years. So I know
  it can be done.
  Not only that, this guy will show you exactly how to do
  it. It's not even hard!
  Here's how it's done:
  As a matter of fact, he has shared the secret he
  discovered to go from zero to at least ten million
  dollars in ten years or less with over 14,000 people so
  And guess what, it's working for them.
  Want to learn that secret? I thought you might.
  It's all fully explained right here:
  All the best
  P.S. Time is however your enemy if you are over 50 and
  want to retire anytime soon so please go watch this
  short eye opening presentation right here:

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