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Subject line 1: An almost fool-proof trading plan
Subject line 2: Most expensive trading school on earth

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"Why Some Traders Make It Look So Easy To
Get Rich While Other Traders Lose Money And
Eventually Give Up"

  I remember when I started trading. I saw how others
  made huge sums of money and made it look so easy.
  Then I learned the hard way, as so many traders do,
  that it isn't easy…
  I lost more than I care to admit in those early days. I
  came very close to giving up more than once. Maybe you
  can relate.
  Looking back that would have been such a huge mistake.
  It would have cost me the fortune I have been able to
  make from trading.
  The most important trading lesson of your life…
  There are two ways to approach trading. The hard way
  and he easy way.
  This is the "easy way" here:
  As crazy as it may seem, most traders choose the hard
  way. That's the number one reason the failure rate in
  trading is as high as it is.
  It's not because it is really that difficult to be
  consistently profitable and make a good living trading.
  Because the truth is, it is the easiest way of making a
  lot of money on earth.
  Where else can you make hundreds of thousands of
  dollars, sometimes in just a month or two, and not even
  work a fraction as hard as people making far less work?
  I say nowhere. If you know of something better, please
  tell me.
  If you are not making a lot of money, and I mean make
  your neighbors, friends and family jealous money,
  trading. It's time to change that right now.
  These people are getting extremely wealthy with this
  simple formula:
  Like most things in life, it's not what you are doing
  so much as it is how you are doing it.
  I want you to look at how these highly successful
  traders trade. Look carefully at what they are doing.
  Are you following a strategy this sound? This proven?
  Compare how you trade to how these successful traders
  are trading here:
  If you are not trading this way, then your problem is
  obvious and easy to change. You can just see how that
  compares to what you are doing and formulate a plan to
  get on the money train.
  I hate to say it but it really is that easy. You don't
  need to re-invent the wheel, just do what is already
  proven to work.
  And when you have a plan this fool proof to go by, it
  becomes really hard to fail.
  It's time to grab the golden ring and get rich and this
  is how you do that:
  The most expensive school in trading is the school of
  hard knocks. It is when you just keep trying to go this
  It just doesn't work. Never has and never will.
  You need to let what others have learned the hard way
  help you avoid all the pitfalls. Learn from others
  And even more importantly. Learn what does work.
  You can learn what works in this free information right
  here, right now:
  All the best
  P.S. Those who decided to learn the hard way are now
  another trading statistic. Another failed attempt at
  growing wealthy. Another dream gone. Go the easy
  route and just do what works:

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