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Subject line 1: Broke accountant makes $41M trading!
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  Broke accountant who worked for the same brick
  company for 20 years, suddenly makes $41M in 3
  years trading a strategy you will learn about in
  this email.

  She describes herself as a 10 year overnight success,
  and one of her biggest tips is - "every time I failed I
  got closer to success".
  She opened her first account in 2002 with $10,000. At
  that time, she still had a full-time job and could only
  trade at lunch time and at night.
  It took until 2007, and five years of study before a
  lightbulb went off in her head. One of the things she
  decided at that time was to focus only on Options. She
  decides that stock trading is just not for her. No
  matter how much work she did in research she found she
  could still be wrong.
  What I want to share with you today is a strategy very
  similar to how this incredible woman made $41 Million
  In her first year as a professional trader she turned
  $100,000 into $150,000 (50%), and then from 2008 to
  2011 she made $41 Million. She did that because of a
  simple strategy similar to the one A.J. Brown is giving
  you as a gift here:
  He calls it the HPLR Cash Machine, because if you
  follow his carefully tested formula for building wealth
  using this method you could make a small fortune.
  Even better news is that you could do it with very low risk.
  If you want a simple and methodical way, that doesn't
  take a lot of time to make a lot of money, then stop
  what you are doing now and go learn how to do that

  All the best
  P.S. This is a step-by-step blue print for collecting
  money from the market with stress-free ease.
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