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Subject line 1: His personal source code for getting rich!
Subject line 2: What's 46% look like?

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  That’s what a 46% return on investment looks like:

  To the untrained eye the chart is falling, but when you
  know how to use consistent cash-producing strategies
  like A.J. Brown's, even the grumpiest of all bear
  markets could build your wealth.
  It's how he took his small $5,000 investment to nearly
  $400,000.00 in just months, in the midst of the "Great
  Markets don't get any tougher than that, and he still
  made solid, consistent gains.
  He's not hiding my results behind smoke and mirrors
  like some other traders…
  A huge number of his trades, tons of proof, are
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  And if you have a question about anything you see,
  trades, statements, or anything at all to do with
  options trading, be sure to ask it below for your
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  He's providing a few traders with the moneymaking
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  All the best
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