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Subject line 1: Semi-retire NOW at $350k per year?
Subject line 2: True story - $2,000 to $10 million.

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The True Story Of How An Out Of
Work Office Worker Turned $2,000 Into
$10 Million, Then Gave It Away…

  He didn't live in New York. He didn't have a degree in
  business, and he had already lost $45,000 trying to
  make some money trading.
  He had given up his job, lost all his money and was
  stone broke. His last, all in bet, was to borrow $2,000
  and start working with a small group of people who all
  had similar hard luck stories.
  If you watch one video this year, watch this one:
  Something magical seemed to happen when this group got
  together. They had all lost money trading, and they
  were all on the verge of giving up.
  They all had the same dream of living the lifestyle
  they wanted with unlimited amounts of money, and they
  saw trading as the way to get it.
  The person who started the group was called A.J. Brown,
  and a passing comment from one of the group members
  gave him an idea.
  That idea was a simple Options strategy that at first
  glance was something you wouldn't give a second thought
  to, but A.J. tried it anyway. The results have gone
  down in legend.
  You can learn how he did it here:
  This is where it gets interesting…
  He shared his results with his group, who also tried
  the exact same simple strategy. The next meeting
  changed everything they all knew. Not only had some of
  the group made money…
  Every single one of them doubled their money in under
  30 days.
  That group became the "Alpha Wealth Group". One of the
  most underground profit making groups, you probably
  never heard of.
  If you want to know in detail the strategy they used -
  go here:
  All the best
  P.S. A.J. is now wealthy and spends most of his time
  working in his Foundation for underprivileged kids that
  he has given over $10 million to. The strategy he used
  to make that $10 million is right here:

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