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 The Envelope System, or how A.J. learned
 the importance of money, management,
 and giving back

  A friend recently ask that we meet in secret. You see,
  he's a professional, well thought of in his field, and
  he was embarrassed.
  When he got me alone in the corner of the coffee shop,
  he fidgeted and almost mumbled his question into his
  "How do you control your financial life?"
  "How did you manage to not have to lay awake at night
  wondering how you will survive when you retire?"
  I was so relieved! Because I actually had the answer to
  his question-his real one anyway-which was, "How can
  I make enough money to not worry about money
  This is something I am asked all the time, and these
  are concerns I had too. And then A.J. Brown shared the
  story of his epiphany, and it saved me a lot of grief.
  A.J. Brown grew up in Washington, D.C.
  Tourists see the freshly scrubbed, gleaming marble
  monuments to our democracy.
  Go a few blocks outside of the National Mall's
  reflecting pool, however, and it's practically a war
  zone. Gangs run a lot of neighborhoods and the violent
  crime rate is astronomical.
  Now imagine a newly widowed mother of two small boys.
  By circumstance she is forced to remain in this
  battle-scarred environment and has to support herself
  and her children… and also try get them an education,
  and quite literally keep them alive.
  A.J.'s mother saw that he and his brother were well-fed
  and clothed, went to the number one school in the
  entire nation (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science
  and Technology), and they never, not once, were on
  public assistance.
  How did she do it? By knowing the intrinsic value of a
  buck, and by having a pre-determined plan for how each
  and every dollar she received would be spent.
  Even if she only had a single bill, it was faithfully
  divided into living expenses, savings, charity, and
  A.J. told me that many of his fondest memories are of
  riding the metro with his mom to go downtown to the
  big bank. There she instructed her financial manager how
  much to invest in a diverse portfolio, and how much to
  deposit directly.
  "I was only six years old and was learning firsthand
  the importance of taking control of your financial
  life, instead of meekly accepting what's given to you."
  Probably like you, he put a lot of years and miles
  between himself and those roots as he searched for the
  "Holy Grail" that would make him rich…
  Hopefully you never found yourself like he ended up,
  couch-surfing and contemplating bankruptcy.
  It took hitting a complete financial rock-bottom before
  he got back to the basics of sound financial
  Once he did, it was easy to apply everything he had
  learned from the world of investing to his mom's tried
  and true "envelope system."
  And when he became wealthy through trading stock
  options (the very thing I want to teach you about
  today), he was able to give more than $10 million
  dollars to set up a foundation to help kids from
  inner-city neighborhoods make the leap from the war
  zone too.
  How do I control my financial life? The same way A.J.'s
  mom taught him, and A.J. taught me…
  He threw all of his intellect and resources into
  learning options trading, and has become incredibly
  wealthy following his mom's simple advice: Living
  expenses, savings, charity, and investing.
  You can learn the whole story, and how I am certain
  that if you follow the same rules A.J. used to amass a
  fortune currently worth over $14,000,000.00, you could
  be every bit as successful, right here:
  Let him show you, firsthand, how his Mom taught him to
  do it and you could have $10,000,000 in ten years
  by trading just 20 minutes a day, too.

  All the best
  P.S. Let him show you, firsthand, how his Mom taught
  him to do it and you could have $10,000,000 in ten
  years by trading just 20 minutes a day, too.
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